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Conversational Revenue Platform

Mesh Ai has been developed over four years in conjunction with industry professionals to provide personalised and contextualised conversations with tangible resources.

Conversational Revenue

We had enough of novel chatbot technologies that don’t deliver tangible results. That’s why all our solutions are designed to achieve real impacts on revenue.


The modern consumer is nomadic in nature, moving seamlessly between different platforms. Our solutions are designed to be continuous across all channels from social to web.

Human Conversation Optimisation

Nothing can ever replace the power of human to human interaction. Our solutions emulate these conversations and triage appropriate conversations to relevant people in your business when they are ready.

About Mesh

Mesh Ai was founded in 2018 by an experienced CX and enterprise software team. The Mesh platform grew out of two original observations; The first being that customer expectations were changing. The second being that humans are hard-wired to find solutions through Conversations.

Over the last four years, the team has worked with key industry partners to deliver focused solutions that provide an elevated customer experience through intelligent and relevant conversations

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Partner-first focus

Partner-first Focus

Our partners come first, nearly 2/3 of the conversations handled this year came through our enabled partners.


Contextual, consistent and continuous customer engagement on any digital channel.

Tangible Results

We skip all the gimmick and novelty, our solutions are 100% result orientated.

Low Code / No Code

Simple to use, rapid deployment and easily consumable. Technology service architecture built to expand and scale.

Experienced Conversators

Our machine learning algorithm has comprehended and handled over 240,000 sophisticated conversations in 2021 so far.

Revenue Focused

We deliver where it counts, all our solutions are geared for conversational revenue. Some of our chatbots have increased lead volume by up to 60%.

Case Studies