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Partner-first focus

Partner-first Focus

Our partners come first, nearly 2/3 of the conversations handled this year came through our enabled partners.


Contextual, consistent and continuous customer engagement on any digital channel.

Tangible Results

We skip all the gimmick and novelty, our solutions are 100% result orientated.

Low Code / No Code

Simple to use, rapid deployment and easily consumable. Technology service architecture built to expand and scale.

Experienced Conversators

Our machine learning algorithm has handled hundreds of thousands of conversations so far.

Revenue Focused

We deliver where it counts, all our solutions are geared for conversational revenue. Some of our chatbots have increased lead volume by up to 60%.

Partner First

Mesh Ai employs a partner first strategy, two thirds of the conversations handled by our AI’s come through our enabled strategic partners.

We work closely with our partners to understand their industry and customers so that we may carefully curate our conversational solutions to meet their specific demands. This process includes co-development, planning, joint marketing campaigns and enablement programs.

We make sure our partners succeed in adding real conversational value to their software offering.

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Who We Are

Demonstrable Results

Continually evolving roadmap driven by industry and partners

Backed by Microsoft

A Gold Microsoft partner and a Microsoft for Startups-backed company, Mesh Ai is part of a global community of trusted, high-performance tech businesses

Advanced Artificial Intelligence

5+ years of development and training of Mesh Ai’s neural networks and algorithms

Industry-led Roadmap

Continually evolving roadmap driven by industry and partners

Partner-Driven Strategy

Partner model allows for expansion and integration into broader buisness initiatives

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